Thursday, February 26, 2009

Meret Business

Well, I've been busy this Reading Week.

This is my 2nd Meret, as modeled by my lovely mum, which was commissioned by a friend of a friend. Besides, I've got a baby kaftan on the go, and finishing to complete on my eyelet cardigan!! And I'm already dreaming up new projects! In fact, I think a visit to my LYS is in order... considering it's my favourite in Toronto, and I'll be back in Montreal on Sunday. Yes, new yarn is definitely in order.

Monday, February 16, 2009

A few minutes to spare...

I am officially in burn-out mode.

Instead of working diligently on my looming papers and research assignments, I am spending my free time browsing Ravelry, reading blogs, and watching TV. I don't even watch TV!!! But there is a simple explanation, and it's called Burn-Out Mode. It's that special of the semester when you've been working non-stop for close to two months, evenings and weekends included, and you just want a stretch to digest the 1000+ facts you've learned and regroup. Instead of waiting for Reading Week, you find yourself taking long stretches of time when you should be working, doing something completely different and useless.

Enter my knitting.

These stylish fingerless gloves are modelled by their new recipient, my wonderful brother, who celebrated his 22nd birthday this weekend. They were a great quick knit, and the pattern was more or less made up, with some inspirations from a bunch of sources.

Next up is another Meret , then another one after that! And neither are for me! Which is a shame, because after all these gifts I think that my head is looking a little bear...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Authentic Baby Vintage...

I bought this adorable vintage sweater at the thrift shop last week. I've got plans. Big plans.

I'm thinking about selling repurposed baby handknits in my little shop. This one, for instance, is going to get vintage mother of pearl buttons, and I'm also going to sew on that vintage applique lace bird. It becomes a hundred times more adorable!

In my own knitting arena, I've just got the arms left on the eyelet cardigan that I've been working on since New Years. Which I'm quite excited to finish, because my mind is already halfway in my next project.

I got my lovely bf to take a photograph of me a couple of nights ago, as you can see. The reason being that I was admiring my new hair cut, and wanted to enjoy it in all its glory. This is mostly because I have gotten in the habit this past year of cutting it myself! And I'm starting to think that I do a pretty good job, all in all... Maybe not all would agree though!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Getting back into the Swing of Things...

Oh my. School has certainly recommenced.

I have been back in Montreal for exactly nine days, and I have already managed to fall behind in my readings. You may ask how this is possible. There is a simple explanation, and it starts with 'k' and rhymes with hitting...

Yes, I've gone a bit crazy.

This is the beret I made for my brother's girlfriend, as a Christmas gift. Apparently her sister has fallen in love with it, and is begging for her own! I'm only too happy to oblige...

I'm also nearly done Jennifer Little's Modified Drops Eyelet Baby Cardigan (rav link), which is turning out adorable. My yarn is a very cute (but alas, discontinued) fingering weight from Mondial. Sorry that I haven't photographed it yet - it seems a bit camera shy!

In the meantime, I better get back to Coleridge...

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Holiday Update (finally...!)

Whew. It's been a whirlwind of get-togethers and visiting this past week. But Christmas is officially behind us (and sadly all the Christmas songs off the radio!), and as routine returns to most households, I'm trying to busy myself with new knitting projects before next semester begins a week today.

However, I finally have a shot of my completed Angle baby sweater by Tora Froseth, which I am just in love with. I predict the creation of more in the near future, because it is just so fabulous! I decided to change the CC2 back panel into seed stitch, A) because it doesn't roll the way stocking stitch does, and B) because seed stitch is officially my favourite! I love the tweed-esque, nubbily aspect of it!

I could go on for a very long time about this sweater, but I have more projects for others posts that I think I will save! In the meantime, I think next up on the list is a scarflet for my mom before I go back to Montreal (probably the moss stitch creation by Emily Jane here), and also a possible ongoing creation, the Wild Stripes Baby Blanket by Kristin Goedert on Knitty.

Until then, the needles are empty, which is partly because I have lost my US size 9 needles! The only ones I need! Urgh... I am convinced they are somewhere in this house, and not in Montreal, but I can't be sure... whoever said gauge was important?! I'll just try size 8!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Bringing Joy (and Shame) to Crocheters Everywhere...

Now I'm sure that crocheting ladies (and men, for that matter) would be heartened to know that a new person has joined their fold.

However, I'm pretty sure that one look at my Granny Square, and they would have my hooks taken away from me for the rest of my natural life. Above is my first somewhat recognizable attempt at crocheting a traditional Granny Square. I can't even begin to think about how many stitches I pulled out just to get this far.

I wasn't expecting crocheting to be a walk in the park, but goodness, I had no idea how much practice it would take. I've got the idea down for the most part now, and it's still coming out lumpy and disfigured, for the most part. Many I can block it like crazy...?

In the world outside of fiber arts, I've been stuck in the house all day today while Toronto experiences its first big winter storm. There's even been thunder. I feel guilty about not going out (still have more Christmas gifts to buy!!), but I think those things can wait a few days. I basically have to shovel every two hours, and that only puts a small dent in things. Ah, there's nothing like winter in Canada...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

In Search of Winter Warmth...

Although the news reports are claiming that a warm front is coming to Montreal tomorrow, I remain a sceptic. The lover took this photo of me today when we decided to attempt to pry ourselves from hibernation. Just one exam each to go. And while he studies like the academic he is, I'm trusting my photographic memory to get me through this last one. Who wants to study when there's knitting to get to?!

This scarf is 6' long, and knitted completed in a basketweave cable. I found the pattern in Jackie Pawlowski's Field Guide to Knitting, with eight rows of 4x4 ribs at the ends. It's 36 stitches across, made from Paton's Merino. All this can be found here (rav link)!

With just a few days left in Montreal, I've got to put my knitting down and start getting packed for the holidays! Can't wait to be home!